Gas to Electric Conversion

You can fully convert your home's energy supply from gas to electricity by Victoria's premier electrical company

Platinum Electrical offers a complete gas to electric conversion service for all homes

Our registered electricians will safely disconnect and remove your gas powered units and upgrade your home to modern, reliable, cost-effective electrical appliances.

Whether your house is fully or partially using gas powered appliances and units such as gas hot water systems, gas heating units and kitchen appliances like gas powered ovens and stove tops, the team of Platinum Electrical electricians can provide the equipment, installation, and maintenance to ensure that your home is powered by clean, renewable energy.


Converting a Gas Hot Water System to an Electric Hot Water Service

Hot water system

Making the switch from gas to electric hot water is a great decision as it can save you money, reduce your carbon footprint and comes with a range of other benefits that comes with removing gas from your home.

If you need suggestions on what hot water unit to install, our team will come to your home and assess your current gas system and make recommendations based on your budget and the size of your home. While there, we will also take into account the type of electric system that will be best suited to your home and water heating needs.

The removal of the gas system and installation of the new electric hot water system will typically take less than a day which involves turning off the gas supply and disconnecting the pipes and fittings. After the gas fittings are safely fixed off, our team will then connect the system to your electrical supply and test it to make sure it is functioning correctly.

Hot water system
air conditioner


Convert gas heaters to electric heating

air conditioner

If you're looking for a reliable and trustworthy service to remove your gas heating units, look no further than Platinum Electrical. Our certified electricians are experienced in safely and efficiently removing all types of gas heating units: ducted heating, individual or fixed heater or gas powered fireplaces, etc.

Our experienced electricians will install your electric heating and cooling split cycle system quickly and efficiently, ensuring a reliable source of heat and cooling with minimal disruption to your daily routine.

See our heating and cooling installation services and let us prepare your home for the changing seasons. Contact us today or book an appointment to start your electric heating and cooling split cycle system installation.


Convert Gas Kitchen Appliances to Electric Ovens, Stoves and Cooktops

home appliances

Is it time to update your kitchen with electric appliances and remove the gas? You'll be joining thousands of Australian homeowners doing the same thing to take advantage of the benefits of cooking in the kitchen powered by electricity.

Our registered electricians can remove your old gas ovens and gas cooktops and install new electric kitchen appliances, including ovens and induction cooktops which heat up quicker and use less energy than what a gas stovetop would consume.

If you need help planning your new kitchen then give us a call or, if you've already selected your new electric oven and cooktop, we can install it at a time convenient to you - organise an appointment today by clicking the button below.

home appliances


Discover the benefits of switching from gas to electric appliances in the household

Save Money on Your Energy Bills

Switching from gas to electric powered household units can help you save money on your energy bill. Electric appliances are generally more energy-efficient than gas, meaning that you are using less energy, consuming less power and not spending money on the increasing price of gas in Australia.

Converting from gas to electric appliances in the home should result in lower energy bills and more money in your pocket for other things.

Family Safety and Reliability

Gas leaks pose a major safety threat to homeowners including the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning that are linked to faulty gas heaters and appliances. Converting to an all-electric home eliminates the possibility of gas leaks and related hazards. Plus, electric appliances pose a lower risk of fires or explosions, require less frequent servicing and maintenance, and provide greater longevity than gas-powered models.

Invest in Your Home

Making the switch to electric power is considered one of the best investments you can make for your home, property value and the future of your family.

Electric power is clean and renewable, ensuring that your home is powered by clean energy for years to come. With Platinum Electrical's range of gas to electric conversion and solar battery storage services, you can secure your home's future with clean, renewable energy.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Switching your home's energy source from gas to electric is an important step in reducing your carbon footprint and supporting a greener future.

Going electric can help reduce your carbon emissions, meaning that you are helping to protect the environment and doing your part in creating a more sustainable future and healthier environment.


Yes! Australian households can fully remove their reliance on gas powered appliances and get all their power requirements from electricity. All gas hot water, oven, stove top and heating appliances and systems can be replaced with appliances powered by electricity.

You're welcome to purchase your own appliances and book our electricians for a complete installation.

Otherwise, our electricians can visit your home to discuss your needs, budget and inspect your current gas and electrical set-up and provide recommendations.

Depending on the appliances you choose, our team can provide electrical units.

When choosing your electric hot water system there are two options available: storage and instant

Storage systems heat and store hot water in an insulated tank and are available in a range of tank sizes.

Instant systems heat the water on demand as it flows through the electric hot water system which offers better energy-efficiency but may have limitations on the amount of hot water that can be used simultaneously.

Our team is always available to discuss the alternatives and options to meet your family’s future energy needs.


In the coming years, Australian state governments are likely to ban new gas connections to new home builds and one day rule out gas as an energy source in the home entirely.

Contact us to start planning your household's switch from gas to electric power today