Smart Home Automation

Experience the future of smart home technology with Platinum Electrical's home automation services.

Our team of experts can provide installation, integration and compatibility for over 80 different brands, including the popular Amazon Alexa, Google Nest and Fibaro.

Make your home smarter than ever and enjoy personalised and automated control! Let us help you get the most out of your smart home experience.

Home Automation Services

Our electricians can connect all smart devices and voice assistants to a home smart network and show you how to control everything from an easy-to-use app.

Smart Lights

Most smart lights come with dimming, scheduling and switch on/off capabilities which can be controlled from your smart phone or device. Our electricians can also connect sensors, so lights turn on and off automatically when they detect movement or when it gets dark outside.

With the use of RGB controllers, our team can install strips of LED lighting that you can change colour of from your phone. These look incredible underneath kitchen splashbacks, shelving, home cinemas and gaming rooms.

Video Doorbells

A home automation system quickly growing in popularity in Australia is the smart video doorbell system which can take screenshots and recordings. When a visitor arrives at your door, you will receive a notification to your phone and view the live video from the doorbell.

Entertainment Music, Television and more

Our electricians can hook up your speakers to play music on voice command or install sensors so the music plays automatically when you enter a room.

Hook up your home cinema and with one simple voice command you can turn on the TV, speakers, pull down the blinds and dim the lighting to create perfect cinema conditions for you and your family.

Gates and Garage Doors

Automate your blinds to rise with the sun and shut when it gets dark, or control your home's shutters with a press of a button or a spoken word via voice command.

Our electricians can hook up your front gates to open on arrival or schedule them to open/shut depending on the time of day.

Smart HVAC Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

Maintain good indoor air quality (IAQ) and temperatures without lifting a finger. Our electricians can program your home automation to switch off appliances when windows are left open to avoid unnecessary energy use with window sensors, thermostats and heat controllers.

Security Cameras

Get a security camera feed streamed straight to your phone and record HD video on the home automation system. Connect one or multiple indoor and outdoor cameras to your home so no corner is unprotected.

Going one step further, our qualified electricians can install door and window sensors, motion sensors inside and outside the house and lighting and sound alarms to deter intruders.


With an automatic vacuum cleaner, cleaning your home has never been more convenient. Just give the command "Hey Google, start cleaning up" to the Google Home voice assistant and take care of your other tasks while the vacuum cleaner does its job.

If you want a visual queue where cleaning is in progress, the lighting will change the lighting colour to orange, indicating to the occupants of the house that they need to wait a little bit longer before moving around.

Safety Automation for the Home and Office

In addition to smart security cameras, doorbells and alarm systems, our electricians can install carbon monoxide sensors to detect the presence of dangerous gas which will trigger the system to open windows and blinds to ventilate the room as soon as possible.

Smart Automation

Going beyond the home automation of devices, our electricians can connect advanced systems in your home for comfort, safety and wellbeing.

These include leak detection in wet areas which will turn off appliances, automatically shut external blinds when bad weather is approaching, or turn on air purifiers, humidifiers and AC's when the air quality is below optimal conditions.